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We provide following services for MOULD. We have 30 yrs experience in mould making and designing


Advantage Mould Making services

  • Designed for manufacturability for all of your projects &  bring any possible issue (part design issue & mold issue) before mold design & manufacturing.
  • Full dimension measurement report and function guarantee according to customers requirement & 2D drawing
  • Various type of products service including Automotive Plastic Mold/ Molding, Home Appliances, Industrial Molds / molding, Medical molds / Molding and many more.
  • Skilled & Professional technical person to design the mould
  • Over 30 years of experience in mold design, Die Casting mold making, Plastic Mold Making, Blow molding, Plastics Injection Mould, Bakelite Mould, Urea, Ceramic,Rubber Mould.
  • Always in time feedback and communication to all our customers


Plastic Mould : We Manufacturer below list of plastic mould

  • Plastic Carte Mould
  • Garbage Bin Mould
  • Cable Tie Mould
  • Plastic Cap Mould
  • Plastic Cup Mould
  • Plastic Bucket Mould
  • Plastic Cutlery Mould
  • Pet Bottel Mould

ALL TYPE OF COMPRESSION MOULD : Compression mould usually use hydraulic press machine and the cavity and core is fixed to top and bottom platens of machine. Once the material is placed into the open mould, the machine closes, mould get heated, then the press pressure force material to flow all over the mould.

We  undertake rubber mould, Bakelite mould and ceramic mould.


For Mould designing we use below software


Our engineers and mould makers have decades of experience in producing close-tolerance, highly-complex mould. That experience, precision and expertise brings us capability to fabricate moulds to your needs

Quality Assurance:

With a quality guarantee, we ensure that all our manufacturing process is under constant review to assess any potential errors that may compromise on quality, we test the molds several times to check for any defects and ensure high quality, durable and long last lifetime in massive production.

Project Procedure:

The project starts when we get your RFQ. We offer you quotation after confirming basic information such as steel for core and cavity, cavity number, two plate or three plate mould etc.

DFM is started once order is placed. 2D Mould Drawing and 3D Mould drawing will be offered at later stage.

Mould is not made until mould drawing is approved by customer.

Weekly Report will be offered on working days. It is enclosed with photos so you could know the processing detail.

Mould Trial Report and Sample Inspection will be offered after Mould Trial.

Mould will be packed once sample is approved before shipping